Sunday, March 14, 2010

Photomontage / Surrealism...?
For this Tinetypes I want to create a series of montages that will include some photographic Images as well as non-photographic imagery. Once again they will also include some sore of typographic elements, I have not decide yet what this will be as it usually develops throughout the making process, I want my images to have a surreal feel to them. I looked at different pseudo histories and many were fascinating but I really want to do something that is more like creating instead of copying, The Bauhaus school and the Dada movement are two great influences in my work, so I really want to borrow some Ideas from their work. This is going to be a very experimental process so the final output might be totally different to what I’m proposing to do.


  1. Try to move away from the use of text. Perhaps some graphic elements that may be more akin to scientific notes.

  2. I can't say I really ever know exactly what you're doing, but I really enjoy your final images. I like how you approach the projects and they are always interesting takes and different ideas from the rest of us.