Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My original idea was to do landscapes of places I would go to during spring break but since watching the video from sally Mann Ive decided still do landscapes but I want to try to do them with the same romantic feeling and emotion Sally Mann pictures have. Im gonna combine pictures both from spring break and take some other ones in sarasota.


  1. The only thing I suggest is if you want them looking the same/similar, do research on the view camera and how those images look. The view camera produces gorgeous images and replicating them for this project would yield a beautiful result.

  2. I have seen work you've done on organic things such as trees and I do think you are very keen on that kind of subject matter so this could be a really lovely project for you. I want to see your unique perspective on the landscape (the Florida landscape, for that matter, not an easy feat..flatness everywhere!)

  3. I agree with Honey, I think that researching view cameras and the images produced through those would be an excellent start to this project. Also consider altering the positive when you get to printing. I think that perfect clean landscapes wouldn't really fit your concept well.