Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Landscape Images

This is one of my images that im doing for this project. I kinda changed all my images all of the sudden i just didnt feel that the ones i had were what i wanted or had in mind. So i have new images and i like.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

scratch old idea Axe Killer

i want to replicate a similar feel to an old horror movie involving an axe killer, i have not been able to find any movies that would help me explain but gives me a chance to show my own vision on a classic axe killer. - robIV

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I wasn't really sure what pseudoscience was until Honey posted her idea and i was like, "what?!" Haha. So I had to Wikipedia it too, and I liked what I saw and remembered a book I have on all that stuff so I finally looked through it and found some pictures on ectoplasm. I thought it was really interesting and kinda gross that this fabric like texture was coming out of openings of the body as a spirit trying to connect with this world and I decided to work with that. Iv always found it interesting of what we are capable of mentally and physically on this plane of existence to connect with another and how that can effect you. So my idea is to create a scene of a ghost connecting with the living.


My original idea was to do landscapes of places I would go to during spring break but since watching the video from sally Mann Ive decided still do landscapes but I want to try to do them with the same romantic feeling and emotion Sally Mann pictures have. Im gonna combine pictures both from spring break and take some other ones in sarasota.


For my tintype project, I am going to shoot a series of portraits. I will use an assortment of people from different backgrounds and lifestyles (Middle Eastern, Gay, Christian, Jew, Black, etc.) and portray them displaying something very obviously stereotypical according to their demographic, but at the same time, doing something that serves to contradict the idea. For example, the Middle Eastern girl will wear a head scarf, but will be done up in makeup, in a provocative pose. I'm going to try and make them really beautiful, but very honest at the same time.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Glass treasures

My idea is to photograph a girl on a journey to find a special treasure but give it a very whimsical feeling. Instead of the normal treasure hers would be glass bottles that she finds and collects. In each picture I want the body to be in it but keep it very minimal and not all the parts of the body to be in focus or even in the pictures. I want the series of photos to document her finding different bottles, her hiding her treasures and documenting her collection of treasures. The last photo I picture to just be her sitting with a hundred bottles all around her just overwhelmed with all the "treasures" she has found. 

close tech

i want to use human figures and show what humans have put on their body as decoration in means of attaching items to the body that may serve a purpose for medical reasons or modern improvements the human body.


I recently came across a variety of plastic combs, some of which came across to me as just strange. I looked more into it, and found that combs were once very elaborate and meant to be used as hairpieces or jewelry. What I have started to do is shoot modern plastic combs entangled in hair, edging towards the idea of the hairpiece. I have started shooting, although I will probably go back and reshoot some of this to fit the needs of this assignment a bit better. In other words, I'm again looking at modern equivalents to the past.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Photomontage / Surrealism...?
For this Tinetypes I want to create a series of montages that will include some photographic Images as well as non-photographic imagery. Once again they will also include some sore of typographic elements, I have not decide yet what this will be as it usually develops throughout the making process, I want my images to have a surreal feel to them. I looked at different pseudo histories and many were fascinating but I really want to do something that is more like creating instead of copying, The Bauhaus school and the Dada movement are two great influences in my work, so I really want to borrow some Ideas from their work. This is going to be a very experimental process so the final output might be totally different to what I’m proposing to do.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Honestly, I really didn't know what pseudoscience was so I looked it up and wikipedia was kind enough to inform me and list examples and one of them was ghosts. I remember last year going out to a cemetery with friends with a disposable camera at 2 am to capture orbs because that meant the presence of ghosts. I still believe that's a bit of BS but it's a fascinating idea. I want to capture staged candid moments on a disposable camera and see if any ghosts or spirits appear on the film. Ghosts/spirits take the form of orbs, white glowing rods, dark shadow-like smears across the picture (or could be white fuzzy lines), or perhaps even a white almost transparent person (examples of some listed included). I really don't expect too much, but I want the feel of film so I'd rather not shoot digitally. I will probably have to photoshop the above mentioned ghost appearances after I've scanned the pictures, but it's worth a shot. The "candid" pictures I want to look like portraits at events and places that would be natural but in this case staged (so examples would be like tourist couple next to some monument, family reunion, backyard bbq). I'll have to get some sort of cemetery shot because really, I need to capture those orbs.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I've been in Galveston, TX and exploring. I found some really awesome antique shops and two tintypes so far. I have an idea about doing portraits with the stuff in the antique shop but i don't want to buy them. I'm going back to ask if i can use the shops and take portraits. The portraits would be of the same person because she the one traveling with me and no one goes into the shops at all.