Monday, March 15, 2010

Glass treasures

My idea is to photograph a girl on a journey to find a special treasure but give it a very whimsical feeling. Instead of the normal treasure hers would be glass bottles that she finds and collects. In each picture I want the body to be in it but keep it very minimal and not all the parts of the body to be in focus or even in the pictures. I want the series of photos to document her finding different bottles, her hiding her treasures and documenting her collection of treasures. The last photo I picture to just be her sitting with a hundred bottles all around her just overwhelmed with all the "treasures" she has found. 


  1. It's an interesting narrative that I'm curious to how it's going to look. I look forward to the last image of the overwhelming collection and how the rest of the images turn out. I can't picture how this looks in the head so I am excited to see what you produce.

  2. very narrative, I will be carefull how much or how little you show on your images.... I just wonder if this whole tressure narrative is clearly going to show visualy through your images... how does these treasure girl relates to the process you are using to print... tintypes. I will give that a thought

  3. I like the narrative idea, it's very creative and interesting. I would love to see how you play with the light and the glass and how it will capture the whimsical feeling you talk about.